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Hot industry, "Painted Skin" phenomenon

A ripple.

August 3, "Computer World" newspaper No. 29 cover story "The Painted SAP-the world's largest management software company in China Truth" as a sharp knife pierce the SAP user, and the whole management software market in China appears to tranquil calm.

In this paper, first launched by IDG, the major sites competing to be reproduced. All the four major Chinese portal websites focus on recommendations, which raise readers, friends and others in the industry media attention and discussion. Day only on August 3, Tencent thread comment on more than 3000; As of this writing, in the Google search for "Painted Skin SAP" the results have reached 25 500.

The pain of the outbreak of the user focus

Lively netizens, so everyone is clear that a long silence the pain of users concentrated outbreak.

"On the fundamental shortcomings of SAP said is true, but the projects described in this paper, two I attended, SAP is not nearly so easy to use their propaganda." In a theme of "senior long-term implementation of large ERP people's views, "the commentary, the first thing users made very straightforward.

"I was in the oil, now just run the software company, is very complicated and have no co-conditions, to spend billions of money to buy this software is really no place to spend more money." A claim to be users of oil workers sigh.

In fact, the oil is but one sort of case. "Xiamen Amoi is an example, take the N more money to buy SAP, the Government also supports the money, and finally collapsed. Technology, the result of a return visit is: are busy of SAP, no air of business, promoting the process of closing down . "a netizen says.

SAP is the world's most successful management software companies, their products have unique success. SAP implementation of the success stories are many, but there are many cases of failure. In "The Painted SAP" in an article, users and experts have explored some of the key reasons. Readers and users in view, there are still some problems to be said.

Press a little order and found that readers and users for the SAP software, the focus of the project focused on three areas.

First of all, SAP implementation requirements, many do not meet China's national conditions and industry characteristics. Zai implementation in SAP because the user can not have the technology, can not make changes to the software after implementation emerged Wen Ti, the implementation of their Du Ren Wei Gu Wen is the people's questions, and asks the user Shiying their demands.

Secondly, many large enterprises in the implementation of a common phenomenon found that the project has been completed, the results from the SAP consultants in the project planning phase of the implementation of the blueprint drawn up too far. The implementation of the consultant is usually clear to the user, the problem is definitely not caused by SAP, the responsibility will fall into push to the client BPR (Business Process Reengineering) implementation are not sufficiently frequent changes in the actual business, in cooperation with business and other external causes are not.

Furthermore, SAP's sales and implementation consultant for two reasons used to explain the user's question, first, to cite another implementation of the case, and second, that SAP is a suite of products, not for the special features developed specifically for each user. "Thanks to this simple two-strokes, they almost always do." Users concluded.

Software industry warning

Despite the focus on SAP User Reviews Taiduo itself, but as Guan Li Yi Zhi been regarded as the leader in enterprise software, SAP software Jiqizishen management of the problems exist, and will lead to the Yonghuzhitong He Redianwenti, a large Chengdu management software also led to reflect on the industry:

A hot issue, concerns the end-user, improving the software's ease of use and practicality. One of its SAP software, users will experience the image summarizes the use of the "Hey, ah, bah" - new to very new when, "Why"; to use that is not convenient, "ah"; conclusion that can improve the management, not easy to use, it "bah." "Over the past year we have suffered torture ERP, decision-makers do not know why go for this fashion, the introduction of SAP spent so much money, but also let us live like cattle, like tired ... ..."

Hot issue 2, how to handle the implementation of management software and business process reengineering that between the "eternal" conflict? A user to this very reluctantly: "If you intend to use all of the packaged software, then use your business process to adapt the software, but can not ask the software to adapt to existing processes. "

Three hot issues, how to make a transparent, workable ERP project contract? Should the charging of high fees? "SAP Although the operation of China's application environment with some access, but also home to those ERP start learn it for the high maintenance fees. "a domestic software users complained that" a lot of trial software features in the actual delivery of the ERP system are not included, must be added to increase the money. "

Hot issue 4, to improve the quality of the implementation consultant. Have friends reflected in the management of software projects, the implementation of the attitude of some bad, many would have been completed feature automatically user has to manually. "Now there are very large ERP implementation issues, most of the implementation of the consultant with a condescending attitude to command customers what to do, and they never reflect on the loopholes in the software itself, there are different views of a customer management say is backward, how can China companies are lagging behind in the management of it? "

Users to rational choice

The reflection is not only the ERP vendors, many users are rational reflection. Users simply the pursuit of the decision making process so-called "world-end" window dressing management software decorating business, but also to the SAP profits made in China, the interests of the circle of opportunity to breed.

1 friends broke the news that came from Hangzhou, Hangzhou's largest state-owned enterprises, the IT strategic plan show it to see when the professionals, professionals immediately pointed out that the needs of the least superficial of the three, could not bound to the cooperation of the consulting firm . Therefore, the users according to their own experiences, the company in the SAP system, first ask yourself two questions: First, whether the standard of enterprise management products that match the SAP level? Can you? Second, the introduction of SAP enterprise when whether the company can do business with SAP and other needs, while the depth of communication, but also truly understood the commercial terms of the various constraints?

"Users have to figure out yourself what you really need, willing and able to pay much, and to find the right match their suppliers." At this stage, the Chinese enterprises in information technology, the more they should look to those able to complete their business model software system described in the system, but not necessarily more expensive the better, more well-known, the better the better the international giants.

In addition, "companies need to always bear in mind is that the software itself is only a medium, use and management of the users themselves have to rely on the quality and understanding. Does not protect, no matter how good the software is also no good; safeguard, and there will be a small software a major role. like a good business with a bad manager, can be profitable? "

Insiders pointed out that a considerable part of the information of Chinese enterprises is still kind of xenophilia road to the tendency of users to select the software vendor's understanding of need for a long period of time. Moreover, the development and management of Chinese enterprises actually have their own characteristics, software vendors should be based on the actual situation, to suit the development of Chinese users of software products, rather than simply apply the so-called advanced management.

"Pragmatism is the most important." A user that, in fact, China's software in many ways and SAP, Oracle or less the same compared to the contrary, the domestic management software, fell after climbing Gunda years, Chinese companies know better the business , "will become the mainstream."

However, there are a considerable number of readers pointed out that corporate propaganda, case promotional packaging, technology and consultancy team building and so on, SAP and Oracle and other foreign software companies do have merit, worthy of the domestic management software companies learn and learn.

The shadow of the global financial crisis has not yet subsided, many Chinese enterprises in global enterprises showed a strong recovery in activity, they are undoubtedly management software provides a fertile ground for cultivation. "China's management software will not always be hovering at a low level, the best place to take over SAP, bad things would completely throw away, China has the potential world-class software." One reader wrote.

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