Saturday, October 23, 2010

EU: RFID is still unbalanced relationship between the pros and cons

July 18 message, the foreign media reports, according to the European Parliament subordinate's "Technology Selection Test Xiao Zu (STOA)" 鏃ュ墠 鍏竷 According to the report, RFID technologies that make the 鍒╃泭 and potential harmful 鐫?unstable equilibrium relationship exists .

STOA has published over 86 research report, RFID "RFID and identity management in life", the report interviewed RFID technology experts and end users of RFID applications in more than 20 cases, and with reference to relevant reports and documents, the results arrive at a not very unexpected conclusion: RFID technology benefits to the people and the potential misuse of identity information there is the balance between instability.

Report such a case: an office building in The Hague, which all staff have access to office buildings for holding an RFID card. Here's access control system saved a lot of reader reads the card number recorded, can be used to track employee work hours.

However, the staff was not informed of their commute time data is collected, most of that card is only used to access, and is not anonymous. This company boss employees unknowingly tracking their activities.

Report is concluded, the present, RFID applications in Europe will not carry labels the privacy impact of causing significant consumer product. However, the abuse of RFID technology may indeed pose a threat to privacy.


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